The Open Easel

The Open Easel was founded by Toronto's visual artist, Samia Shaheen. Samia's work reflects the atmosphere and ambiance of the eastern cities she has lived in and visited. Oil, acrylic and water based media are used to capture the splendour of South Asia 's Mughal and Islamic architecture. In a play of lights, her paintings adhere to the style and tone of the romantic schools of impressionism and cubism, studied under the guidance of renowned South Asian artist Mansur Rahi Sahaab. Selected works have been exhibited in Islamabad, Lahore and Toronto and commissioned pieces have found their way into homes and offices across Ontario and Quebec.

Each oil painting begins with an idea. An idea which is converted onto paper. It is in this phase that trial and error begins to define the central area of each piece. Each oil painting is first a charcoal, acrylic or dry pastel sketch, which is the template for the finished oil painting.

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